Heating and Cooling Maintenance
in Wheaton, IL

Also Proudly Serving Naperville, St. Charles, and all of Kane and DuPage Counties!

Appliance Covered

Furnace ONLY

Air Conditioning ONLY

Furnace & Air Conditioning


Media Filter

(includes one filter change per unit per year)

Your EAC Filter

(includes one washing of cells per unit per year)

Hot Water Boiler

Steam Boiler

Germicidal Light #UV-500 & UV-1000

(includes one bulb change per unit per year)

Multiple Unit Discount

(ie. more than one furnace)

Level 1

Yearly Maintenance PLUS

10% Off Repairs*












Level 2

Yearly Maintenance PLUS
100% Labor Coverage for Repairs*












Level 3

Yearly Maintenance PLUS
100% Parts & Labor Warranty 24/7!*












*Exclusions may apply. Agreement applies to covered equipment only. Labor under level 2 plan is covered after hours at a discounted hourly rate. See contracts for details.

Planned Service benefits include:
  • One annual fee to cover any or all equipment maintenance
  • Friendly reminders to schedule your appointment
  • Three levels of coverage to suit your equipment and budget
  • PS Preferred Customer discounted pricing on needed repairs
  • PS Preferred customer discounted pricing on overtime repairs
  • PS Preferred customer discount on additional parts and retail purchases
  • Optional 24-Hour, full parts and labor coverage under level 3 Planned Service coverage (upon inspection and approval of equipment)
  • Priority service and scheduling
  • All inspections by fully trained and certified technicians

Level #1: Tune-Up Service Agreement

One annual fee covers the current cost of labor and materials required for a regular tune-up and inspection on covered equipment. Any additional costs above regular maintenance will be charged at a flat rate that reflects a 10% discount.

Level #2: Labor Service Agreement

One annual fee covers the current cost of labor for a regular tune-up and inspection and breakdown repairs during normal business hours on covered equipment. After hours repairs are additional and billed at the current labor rate discounted for level 2 customers. This coverage includes the materials required for a regular tune-up and inspection. Any additional materials will be charged to the customer at a 10% discount.

Level #3: Parts & Labor Service Agreement

One annual fee covers all general expenses including labor, parts and bonafide, after hours, emergency service on covered equipment. (Replacement units do not qualify. Compressors, heat exchangers and coils out of warranty not included).

Often the last thing on a homeowner’s mind with the business of life is to check on the furnace and schedule yearly maintenance. But when it’s 10 below and you’re wondering why the house feels like outside, you remember you should have called.

Yearly heating and cooling maintenance is one of the most important things you can do for the safety and comfort of your home and family. Much like your automobile, regular maintenance is often required by the manufacturer’s warranty on a seasonal basis. It also helps keep an eye on operating costs, the physical and mechanical condition of your equipment and keeps your system running as efficiently as possible. Planned heating and cooling maintenance from Borter Heating & Air Conditioning allows you to provide the indoor air quality your family deserves.

We recognize that many homeowners forget about these things or just don’t know about them. That’s why we offer a comprehensive and cost effective, Planned Service Program that will take all the hassle out of maintaining your heating and air conditioning equipment ensuring your family’s comfort and safety.

Borter Heating & Air Conditioning takes your home comfort seriously and will make sure you never have to worry about another heating or air conditioning problem again. Call us today to schedule your heating and cooling maintenance – (630) 668-5885.